Feeding Controversy in Two New Dark Humor Novels from MorbidbookS




Extreme Fiction is by its very nature potentially both  delightful as well as what can be perceived as offensive. It can also often be affronting to one’s sensibilities. Humor that is ‘dark’ or ‘black’ in its inherent bottom line of its various form most often display the crux or at least the setting that: “people are just so awful…. especially to one another.

In fact as it is in many cases the work doesn’t even have to be humorous. While the 2 examples that MorbidbookS below are both considered Dark Humor, it does not have to be. Sometimes a despicable protag with uncontrolled id can be fascinating if the source material is handled well. Weird always has to make sense within the confines of itself. That’s the only way to bring in more readers.

Was is a different type is Crack Fic it changes some fundamental aspect of the source material, the “something’s different about this” It is an idea taken to the extreme. In its broadest sense, Crack Fic is any story whose premise and events would be completely implausible in Canon. These frequently include bizarre (or Bizarro) settings and explorations of improbable relationships between characters — not merely unlikely in canon, as in Foe Yay, but totally irrational and turned up a notch beyond that, as in Crack Pairing. Crack Fic is often considered the result of a challenge, either from someone outside the author or from the author him/herself: “This idea is completely unworkable, but I bet I can make it work.” The name stems from the notion that the author must have been ingesting some illegal substance just to think up the idea, let alone write it.

And speaking of here’s 2 titles from MorbidbookS which are controversial to the very extreme limits of Dark/Black Humor”:


“Burn, Ferguson, Burn!”: Fun and Games Down Down at the Race Riots

Authored by The Blackface Rioter

                            CLICK FOR AMAZON


List Price: $19.99
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
172 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0692606575 (Custom)
ISBN-10: 0692606572
BISAC: Fiction / Black Humor

FUN AND GAMES DOWN AT THE RACE RIOTS!We’ve had four blacks killed by cops in a short span of time that have made big news. The score is that two of them deserved it. Two of them didn’t. They were murdered by the cops. The Civil Rights Movement latched onto one of those assholes who totally fucking deserved it and polarized the races even more. If they only waited until one of the legit cop murders, then there would have been a whole lot of people holding hands and singing Kum-by-ya. Lucky for me, they didn’t.

An Excerpt to encourage you to buy:

She sees me and screams.

I clamped my hand over her mouth and ignored her teeth clamping down into my palm. I listened but I heard no one. I’m sure the neighbors heard the scream, the walls being so paper fucking thin and all, but people in transitional housing are used to the odd scream every now and then. Nobody leaves their place to knock on my door. I don’t even hear anyone moving, so I’m pretty sure no one gave enough of a fuck to call the cops.

“I’m going to take my hand away. Don’t scream.”

“Who are you?”

“I fucking live here.”

“With the other guy?”

Oh, shit. I forgot I was supposed to be black. No wonder this chick screamed.

“There is no other guy. I’m the same guy. I’m not a black guy. I’m white.”

“I thought you had that Michael Jackson stuff.”

“I lied.”

“I sucked off a white man?”

“You did.”

Repulsion is a weak commentary about the look on her face. I won’t waste words to describe it.

“You’re all over the fucking news.”

“I know.”

“What are you going to do?”

I hadn’t thought about that before. There being a couple layers to what I was going to do, I mean. What I wanted to do was blackface myself up, wait for nightfall, and go hitting the streets like I did last night. I didn’t think I would have to do anything. What the hell was I supposed to do? I wanted to be there and do what everybody else was doing, fucking shit up. I knew what I didn’t want to do and that was stay home and sit this one out. No fucking way that was going to happen.

“I’m going out.”

“The police will be looking for you. Well, not really you, but the guy that’s on the television. They’re making you out to be some sort of poster child for all this shit. You’re not even black!”

“I just wanted to fit in. I tried it before as myself and got beat up.”

“Well what the fuck did you think was going to happen?”

“I thought that the black people would think that I was on their side and they would leave me alone.”

“You’re a fucking crazy person. What the fuck am I going to do with you?”

“Pay for the room?”

“Are you trying to be funny?”


“You can get that thought out of your head right fucking now. Do you know what my people will do to you if they find out that you aren’t black?”

“Kill me?”

“You’re fucking right they will.”

“I just want to riot.”

“Go find some white boys to do it with then.”

“It’s not the same thing.”

“You’re damn right it’s not. You are well out of your league on this one, you crazy ass fool. You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into. Stay home.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Well, if you’re going out you have to play the part in full. You have to be the poster child.”

“I just want to break windows and shit.”

“Well, go on then. I don’t know what to do with you.”

“Are you coming?”

“Hell, no. Now that I know I’ve sucked off a white man, I’m going to have to do a little soul searching. I could have you charged for rape.”

“Are you?”

“Get the hell out of here.”

I did. It was weird having her talk to me in this way. It wasn’t even her apartment. I didn’t even know her name. Even though we had gotten very familiar with each other, it still didn’t feel right for me to just kick her out. Doesn’t even fucking matter. The best thing about the incident was that it killed daylight and I could get my shit together and head out to the fray. I went into the bathroom and shaved my head again. There was a bit of stubble that had grown since last night. I put the shoe polish on and my outfit, stuffed my pants full of Kleenex and headed out the door.


She gave me a half wave as if I barely existed and went back to watching television. I hoped she didn’t eat all my food.


Mother F*ing Black Skull of Death

Authored by Matthew Vaughn

List Price: $12.99
5.25″ x 8″ (13.335 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
136 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0692585573 (Custom)
ISBN-10: 0692585575
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

Pulling into the parking lot is a massive semi, with a huge trailer painted with gory pictures of impaled bodies and a pile of severed heads. There’s a huge silver skull near the back that has the words ‘Mother’ and ‘Fucker’ where its eye sockets should be, and ‘Black Skull of Death’ for a mouth. The truck pulls around, away from the front of the store. I can see the doors on the back of the trailer as the driver backs the rig towards us. It’s a painting of a naked woman with huge tits. She’s covered in blood and sitting on a massive pile of skulls, holding a can of Mother Fucking Black Skull of Death between her legs. I’m instantly hard as a rock.

An Excerpt to encourage you to buy:

This bitch is really going to town on my dick. She loves this shit. But she’s starting to gag, so I grab her head. I don’t want her to back off before I’m done. She is definitely trying to pull away, so I hold on and just start fucking her face. She’s smacking my legs and still gagging. I hear Jeff and Craig laughing, so I give them a big smile. Yeah, this shit is awesome.

“Dude, she’s gonna puke!” Jeff says. I look down and notice her dry heaving. The sounds coming from this bitch are crazy, but I’m not done yet, so I don’t let go. Then it happens, she starts spraying shit out of her nose! Fucking puke is coming out around my dick! She’s choking and gagging, and vomit is running down her face!

“That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen!” Craig says. He’s laughing his ass off.

I’ve got a hold of this bitch’s head with a death grip, and I’m using the puke as a lube. I’m slamming it home until finally I bust a nut in her mouth. She still has a mouthful of her vomit, so there’s not much room for my spunk in there. A mixture of the two rolls out the sides of her mouth around my cock. I pull out and shove her head away. She falls to the floor, hacking, trying to get all the puke out of her mouth.

“I thought you were a pro?” I ask her. “Clean yourself up. You’ve still got two more dicks to suck.”

She looks up at me and her eyes are red from crying. She knows better than to say anything though, especially if she wants to get paid. I know she does, because surely she’s fiending for some meth, or H, or whatever. I watch her go into the bathroom. Her naked ass looks pretty tight. I sit down in the chair. I’m naked and have her puke on me, but I don’t give a fuck. I just want another Mother Fucking Black Skull of Death. That shit is good. I look up at Craig as he is sitting on the arm of the chair. He’s naked too and his big cock is rock-hard.

“You ready for some of that?” I say and smack his rod. He laughs and hands me a Black Skull. “Fuck yeah! I might just suck your dick!” I grab his cock and give it a couple quick strokes and we laugh.

“Nah, Jeff gets her next,” he says. They usually play this game where they watch me fucking a chick and whoever gets hard first is the loser and has to go last. I always go first, know that shit!

“This bitch needs to hurry, yo!” Jeff says. He’s standing near her puke, chugging a Black Skull of Death and stroking his rock-hard dick.

“You better not blow your load before she comes out!” I say. We laugh and she stumbles out of the bathroom. I wonder if she can fit both our dicks in her mouth at the same time. She gets down in front of him and starts working his shlong.

We wear this bitch out for awhile. It turns out she can get both mine and Jeff’s dick in her mouth. We let her get stoned, and then went on to find out how much shit we can stuff inside her pussy and asshole. One of my favorite things to do is stick a finger in both Craig and Jeff’s assholes and play whoever gets hard first loses. It’s Craig again. I’m starting to wonder if the dude’s gay, so I have him bend over and I shoot a load in his ass, and then made this high-as-fuck bitch suck that shit out! It was awesome!

Now she’s curled up on the bathroom floor, naked and passed out from meth or whatever. I’m standing over her, pissing all over her naked body, when Craig almost knocks me down.

“I need to shit, out of the way!” he says. He drops his drawers and squeezes one out on her chest. I start laughing and my piss sprays all over the place. I accidentally get some on him. “Hey, watch it, fucker!”

Craig puts his hand underneath his ass and shits in it, and then he launches it at me. I duck, but some of the shit hits my shoulder and we laugh.

We leave that bitch in the hotel, covered in piss, shit, and all the money we owed her. We’re not total dicks — we pay. However, she just might have to remove some of the bills from up inside her.

We head down to the local Huck’s, after having cleaned Marathon out of all its Black Skull. Stupid fuckin’ Ahmed, who runs that store, he needs to order more of that shit next time.

We’re not even ten steps inside Huck’s and I’m already raging. I can see the cooler where they keep the Mother Fucking Black Skull of Death and it’s empty.

“Where the fuck is my drink?” I yell. I want to rip my clothes off and start destroying the store. Jeff runs up to the cooler and starts throwing doors open.

“Aww, no, where is it?” he says. Craig is at the counter, banging on the hard surface.

“Carl! Suzan! Who’s working today?” he yells. “We need some fuckin’ Death Skull!”

Josh comes out from the back. He’s a loser stoner dude. I don’t have a problem with him. I’ve fucked his sister a couple times and let him watch and jerk off.

“Hey Vince, what’s happening?” he asks. He looks baked.

“Dude, Black Skull of Death, where is it?” I ask.

“Man, they shorted us in the last shipment, so we sold out. It happened to everybody in town,” he says. He fidgets with some of the crap on the counter. I feel as if he’s not taking this as seriously as he should be. I grab him by the shirt and push his face against the counter.

“Are you fuckin’ with me?” I say into his ear.

“Nah, Vince, I wouldn’t fuck with you, man,” he says. He holds his hands up as if he’s surrendering, like it matters to me if he’s had enough.

“Dude!” Jeff yells from behind me. “Check it out, man!”

I turn to see what Jeff is going on about. He’s looking out one of the big windows in the front of the store. I follow his gaze and see it, the most beautiful sight. I’m telling ya, you wouldn’t believe it.

Pulling into the parking lot is a massive semi, with a huge trailer painted with gory pictures of impaled bodies and a pile of severed heads. There’s a huge silver skull near the back that has the words ‘Mother’ and ‘Fucker’ where its eye sockets should be, and ‘Black Skull of Death’ for a mouth. The truck pulls around, away from the front of the store. I can see the doors on the back of the trailer as the driver backs the rig towards us. It’s a painting of a naked woman with huge tits. She’s covered in blood and sitting on a massive pile of skulls, holding a can of Mother Fucking Black Skull of Death between her legs. I’m instantly hard as a rock.

“Fuck yeah, guys. Let’s go!” Craig says as he runs out the door. I let go of Josh. I don’t even look at him. I keep my eyes on the truck. The door to the cab opens and a long-legged babe with curly, brown hair climbs out. I don’t even care about her; we’re just like some puppy dogs begging for that Black Skull treat.

She smiles as she walks past us. Oh yeah, she wants this dick. I’ll give it to her too, but only after I get some Black Skull shit. We watch that tight ass as she reaches up and unlatches the trailer doors.


~ by MorbidbookS, Extreme Fiction Publisher. on January 2, 2016.

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