Best of RAGE (2008-2014)

“If you’ve never had a chance to read the Reverend Rage’s work before this is the perfect opportunity. This contains a lot of novella’s and they explore the dark and gritty side of human nature. The best of these are the brutal Bible tales. These are tales that take key figures of the Bible and give them a darker harder edge. These are novella’s that are for those that like their fiction dark and edgy. If you’re a fan of Rev then you know what you’re getting into and for those who don’t think of it it as a chance to explore something dark and just a bit beyond you’re comfort zone. I can’t tell you what each and every novella is about but I can tell you that the Rev takes key elements from the Bible, and even the black plague and gives them a darker and more urban edge. These are tales infested with sex and perversion but just at the surface is Rev’s knack of storytelling. What he writes about fits into the elements of the story so what may appear shocking to us is just another day in the life of these characters.

The book itself weighs in at about 365 pages and is chock full of photos and illustrations. Morbid has put a lot of work into making this as pleasing to the eyeballs as possible. It seems as if Morbid is on the verge of breaking out and Pills In A Little Cup Gray Scale is a great addition to the growing list of titles that Morbid is putting out. The Rev has been around for a long time and now with this massive collection you get a chance to see what you’ve been missing. Is Rev insane? Depraved? Disturbing? Maybe, but it’s all about perspective. Rev is a writer after all and he explores avenues that mere mortals usually don’t tread. For fans of bizarro, and horror this is a must read.





Project Summary

Pills-in-a-Little-Cup: GrayScale Version

Authored by Reverend Steven Rage, Steven Scott Nelson

List Price: $12.95
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
356 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1496028136 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1496028139
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

~ New from MorbidbookS: Where Everything Bleeds, comes an instant collector’s specimen and a certain stunner. Be the first freak on your block to acquire this singular and unexpurgated exquisite culling of The Grim Reverend Steven Rage’s favorite ‘meds’. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind vivid look into the twisted mind of The Most Depraved Writer In Print as he captains you through the intoxicating stain of his wicked imagination.
Included are numerous Photos, Paintings and Illustrations embellished with dramatic grayscale that enhance these iniquitous and magnificent Dark Fantasy fables.
Beginning with a complete novella of Pontius Pilate re-incarnated as a blood drinking drug dealer in the Midwest’s most notorious ghetto. The Harbor is a similar, howbeit much darker version of Mayberry. If Andy, Barney Opie and Aunt Bea resided in a drug infested, post-industrialized urban Hell-Hole with a sky-high body count, that is. Come see and enjoy the vampire’s journey to horrific self-discovery. A evil and foreboding locale, folks are murdered there for less than nothing and, oh yeah: vampires feed there, too. A place where drugs are slung, deals go down and Pilate alone, once again, stands between the profoundly wicked machinations of the organized crime power structure and the death of a reincarnated Immanuel. Will he wash his hands in this life as he has done from the beginning and down through the ages? His drugs, his money and his very life at stake. Not to mention his soul. But life is full of tough choices. Especially if you are the modern dope-slinging version of the ancient Roman Prelate.
Next comes a sick and twisted story of the Black Death. During the height of England’s Bubonic Plague an ancient Evil Force strolls into London-Town in the form of a would-be doctor. It could smell the blood from miles away, wanting only to help. At the hospital where he cares for the victims of this Black Death, the ill come to him unimpeded. They arrived and fell by the scores. With the help of his ever-faithful assistant, Sightless Agnes, a most ravenous cares for them all. Eating his way through an entire hospital, he treats them until there is nothing left. Nothing save their empty eye sockets, a few pounds of leeched bleached bones and some bolts of old dried-out flesh-leather parchment. But the eyes? The eyes of the dead? Sightless Agnes keeps for herself. Seems Fair.
And then our adventures continue: Inky nefarious figments of playing God. Ride with The Reverend as you dally with malevolent spirits, pet aborted fetuses, carnal ghosts, evil grandfathers, hospital-hall hunting serial killers and , oh so much more.
Finally culminating with another full novella. It is a maddening peek behind The Good Doctor’s post-apocalyptic Harbor dug deep underground, beneath the bitter frozen Earth and bear witness to a society ripping at the seams. A not-so-safe haven where monsters and demons dally with the remaining humans. One of the last makeshift asylums left on this planet. Jesus has come, gathered his favorites and loading them into the moving van bound for Forevermore, has skipped out on the rent without a word nor nary a backward glance. Leaving the world to Damnation like an absentee slum-lord while Hell itself has opened wide, belching its denizens forth. The doomed and damned can now come and go as they please. A stronghold where lifeblood is bought for a song.
This incredible edition is replete with all The Ragiastic elements you have come to expect from The Grim One. Proliferate drug-consumption, non-consensual extreme intercourse and all the profane creatures that go bump in the night.
Get in, grab hold and hang on.
This rare sui generis tome shall delight the monstrous aberration in everyone.~




~ by MorbidbookS, Extreme Fiction Publisher. on April 22, 2015.

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