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The Grim Reverend Steven Rage.
Always remember and Never forget … Jesus may not Love you,
but The Reverend always will. 
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The Grim Reverend cordially invites you to meet the others ...

The Grim Reverend cordially invites you to meet the others …

 “As we experience the last death-rattle remnants of truly important and powerfully  subversive works, ‘Humanity Is The Devil’, the one-of-a kind anti-novel by Jordan Krall may very well stand alone with bloody fist raised on the dung-heap of fiction.” 

Trust The Grim Reverend. Rage never lies … unless he is absolutely positive he can get away with it. 

~A punch in the stomach.~ By Pedro Proença

This book left me stunned. A dark look into humanity’s psyche, “Humanity Is The Devil” is beautiful. That’s it, I can’t describe it better. It’s beautiful. It made me feel bad about myself while reading. And still, it’s beautiful. This book will reach down inside of you and grab your heart and it will squeeze it. And you will love every second of it.
“At its lowest: a beautiful verbal assault. At its highest: a masterpiece of reflection on a society controlled by extreme violence and utter chaos. It burrows down into your guts and makes a home like a scaring over friendly guest you’ve brought to bed. And like Burroughs at his most rebellious and Ballard at his most intelligent, Jordan Krall has created the literary equivalent of a hand grenade. And when it detonates no one will be safe for,
HUMANITY IS THE DEVIL is a deconstructed nightmare mixing David Lynch and snuff movies. The plot revolves around a central character, Seth, who is set about a crusade against humanity which, for him, represents pure evil. Through random killings he and his cronies try to accelerate the end of the world, in order to provoke and defeat the Demiurge, the false God that is ruling the earth. As in Burroughs, logical language is replaced here with cut-scenes – sometimes to be taken literally – that plunge the reader into an extreme experience. Both incredibly morbid and enthralling, HITD is a masterpiece of moral darkness and existentialist reflection upon our comfortable religion and morals.

Humanity is the Devil is a dose of brutal truth that nobody wants to hear but should realize. It is a snapshot of our collective consciousness damaging itself and reinventing itself over and over again in order to overcome the devils that we have created in the first place, thus creating more devils. Is there a way to break the pattern? Krall has provided commentary and interpretation; there is room for you to create your own antidote to overcome the poison the Devil promised Eve in the Garden of Eden. The devil has been with us since we left paradise; if we must acknowledge the Devil exists as reality or as nothing more than a metaphor, then its opposite—Heaven—must also exist. But humanity has left paradise. The Russian masters thought they had the answer to psychology, a form of science that was in its infant stage during their literary period, but Krall give us only this: “The black paint is peeling and underneath I can see the rainbow you splattered up there when you were a child, when you weren’t so morbid.”

The terror is real, and it is in everything at all times.

'click' the HITD cover to get the PRINT Version. See ... The Rev. done tol' you it was coming soon ... And now it's HERE! Dig it ...

‘click’ the HITD cover to get the PRINT Version. See … The Rev. done tol’ you it was coming soon … And now it’s HERE! Dig it …


Jordan Krall writes apocalyptic literature as well as horror, bizarro, science fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. He also runs Dynatox Ministries.

For More KRALL ...

For More KRALL …

Worms in the Needle Authored by Jonathan Moon

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Worms in the Needle Authored by Jonathan Moon

That’s the last time she gets the bigger worm…
Once their flesh flakes away the angels collapse into puddles of hissing goop and withered petals blow into them hurried along by unseen winds. My spit looses its sweet taste to the black flavor of ash. The glowing birds in the bright orange sky burst into small sparkly novas. The sky itself weeps and tears, streaking down like a ruined painting as the dismal gray of life wheezes back before my eyes. I don’t blink; praying silently for one last desperate sensation of the high.
Lila feels it too. She writhes on the mattress next to me; her moans of ecstasy warping into groans that capture the hollowness of our souls.
Tears form in her eyes and I can almost feel the lump in her throat. It’s gone and she wants to cry. I’d rather chase down more Worms than cry about it but everybody reacts to the Worms differently. I slip away to my own neon colored utopia where things with wings fan me and comfort me when the living neon worm dissolves under my skin. Lila told me once they wrap around her like a giant fuzzy neon hug. I imagine her high shedding off her like snake skin and flaking to the filthy floor next to the mattress. Her high sounds better than mine. More Fun.

That’s the last time she gets the bigger worm.

click the image to follow the neon worm road.

click the image to follow the neon worm road.

An Addictive Read,February 18, 2014

Worms in the Needle is brilliant. Drug driven, psychedelic, post-apocalyptic horror and high adventure, executed with compelling characters and lush, vivid poetic prose. Think: Stephen King, Edward Lee, and William Burroughs hanging out smoking a hooka and bouncing story ideas–yeah, that good! Jonathan Moon writes with a lot of heart and brutal honesty. There’s emotions conflicting in all the violence, characters are not simply props for killing like with a lot of horror in the extreme variety, every shot, stab etc. is felt and I love it when a writer takes a concept that could easily come off comic booky, and plants it right into reality and does it believably and seamlessly weaving cyborgs and animal-masked cultists into a genuinely engrossing and convincing story. Jonathan Moon is probably the most exciting and compelling voices in independent horror. Also, Worms in the Needle was the first book from publisher, Morbidbooks I’ve read and will be devouring their catalog in the coming days!

All Hail The Worm,March 5, 2014

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
Worms In The Needle isn’t your typical horror novel. This is a dark, gritty novel that forces you to look at the dark side of human nature and the power of addiction. Moon has presented us with a well plotted and thought out story that does contain a bit of gore.
It seems as if every writer has to write a book that brings about the end of the world but it’s always the same rehashed ideas. Zombies, plagues, but Moon creates something completely different and original. The world ends through addiction, man itself has created its downfall through an addiction to worms.
What makes Worms In The Needle so good is that it contains elements from a variety of genres while being totally original. Moon has created an interesting novel that is violent, surreal and above all else, well written. You are thrust into the story and carried off in a haze of neon and gunfire.
This is one of those novels you have to read. You can read all the reviews and they all say the same thing. Stop reading the reviews and buy the book already.

action packed, dark, gritty and sexual,February 27, 2014

The action never stops is this dark corpse ridden hellride. i got sucked into this hazy dystopian world full of neon visuals, blood, and decay. Moon writes with a genuine love of the dark and it shows in the viscera of his prose. you can tell he gets it on a level not everybody does, and that makes for a wicked fun read for any lover of the macabre. the darkness is laced with dashes of humor and a brash sexuality that really rounds this twisted tale out nicely. Moon excels at painting a very vivid picture with interesting fun characters. looking forward to reading more from this author!

Wicked Candy Authored by Alex S. Johnson

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Wicked Candy Authored by Alex S. Johnson

‘LOOKER’ is coming! Just one of the creepy shorts offered up in  ‘WICKED CANDY’ by Alex S. Johnson and brought lovingly from your fiends at MorbidbookS.  And … well … you’ll SEE …

Now that's Wicked!

Now that’s Wicked!

“If you know what Kinbaku, Post-Impressionism, and brilliant green eyes have in common, then you are probably a fan of Alex S. Johnson! Congrats! But if you don’t know, allow me to open the door, guide you inside, and introduce you to a little Wicked Candy. This is a sweet designed for the discerning Bizzarro fan’s tastes, and I promise, you will not be disappointed!”
–Mimi Williams, author of Beautiful Monster

“A short collection that both traverses the genre lines and melds them together into one masterpiece. Jam packed with horror, laughs, pop culture history and more, this one is a must have for lovers of the macabre, the bizarre and the hilarious.”
–Jeff O’Brien, author of Bigboobenstein

click to get yours

click to get yours

Murderland Authored by Garrett Cook

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Murderland Authored by Garrett Cook

Jeremy Jenkins is a pharmacist living a nightmare. America has made serial killing provisionally legal. What was once a crime is now a game. Juvenile delinquent Reapkids dressed as history’s deadliest murderers roam the streets causing chaos. Cannibal Godless Jack Cavanagh is on every morning show. And Jeremy’s girlfriend Cass, the love of his life, can’t get enough of it. Could be worse. Creatures from another dimension could be infiltrating ours getting our women pregnant. He could live with the guilt of being history’s most prolific serial killer. The fate of a world not worth saving could rest on his broad shoulders. Maybe they are. Maybe he is. Maybe it does.

click link to see the True Reap commence.

click link to see the True Reap commence.

I Liked Garrett Cook Before He Became a Legend. Suck On That, World.

By Isobel Irons

I’ll be honest, I waited as long as I possibly could to actually read this book. Because I’ve read enough of this author’s other content to know that, as a writer, reading this book was going to make me feel really bad about myself. And I was right. It did.
To me, that’s the mark of a great novelist. (Not just a good one, but a great one.) The ability to have a really amazing concept that is so simple in its inception that it makes everyone who hears about it go, “Wow, that is a really f—ing great idea. Why the h— didn’t I think of that? I could have written this book first and become so, so famous!” But because this author isn’t just a good writer, but a GREAT one, he quickly squashes that fledgling impulse by executing said concept with such skill and panache, such hard-core bada–ery, that anyone considering ripping off his idea must immediately throw up their hands and go, “Nope! You win, Garrett. You are better than me, at everything.”
Then they just sit back and enjoy the rest of the story. (Which I assure you, is just as excellent as the premise.)
That’s the mark of a good reader, I guess. Sadly, I have never been a good reader. And I’m definitely not as great of a writer as Garrett Cook. But I’m writing this review anyway, as kind of a formal act of surrender. A hundred years from now, when people are still reading and talking about this book, probably in AP Senior English Lit (or whatever kind of classes they have on the moon), I guarantee some smart a– moon-abiding teenager is going to raise his or her hand and be like “I read Murderland before it was assigned.” And the other moon teens will roll their eyes and hate on that futuristic hipster kid because nobody likes a show off.
Anyway, I would’ve given this book five stars, but I deducted one star on grounds of jealousy. Because I’m petty. So sue me.

Transmatic Authored by Chris Kelso

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Transmatic Authored by Chris Kelso

Review snippet by Vincenzo Bilof:
“The hitman metaphor resonates with me because the paranoia is inferred rather than felt; the slave state concept itself is the psychological derangement imagined by a society that wants its own annihilation. Of course, my understanding of this piece is exclusive to me, because my interpretation is personal. I believe Transmatic can be read through different lenses, and like a poem, it can be read more than once; I love the aesthetics Kelso employs, and the characterization is subtle, the setting is engaging. More Kelso. Now.”

“…part-time hitman/ exterminator, Ignius Ellis’s dream is to buy a candy-apple red Nova Supreme. In the process of trying to earn enough cash to make his dream come true he gets sucked into the rough world of Visitacion Valley, SF. When the tenants in his apartment complex reveal their various extracurricular activities this take an even more bizarre twist and Ellis soon becomes acquainted with the nightmarish Salve State dimension…”

click image to follow the hit-man to the 'other' side of reality.

click image to follow the hit-man to the ‘other’ side of reality.

Naked Brunch, 

In Transmatic, Chris Kelso definitely has a toe in the time machine, wiggling around the British ’60s New Wave, a little Dystopian Dick, too (Phil K. I mean), but also there’s the paranoid Burroughs flavors, maybe more Naked Lunch the movie than Naked Lunch the book, but the lunch is still pretty naked. However, this author is certainly more than his influences. At turns both raunchy and talky, it’s a relief that Kelso has skill at conversations, because this book is constructed almost entirely of fast, intricate exchanges, which give it a welcome momentum in the saggy world of science-fiction. A fast, kinetic read.

I thought I was TRANSMATIC turns out I am only Manual, By King Mab

The blurbs on the cover, the reviews here and on goodreads, they all mention the PKD and Bukowski inspiration. Definitely, but Transmatic isn’t derivative of those things, it takes them and runs all over you dirty black soul. The book is brainy without being pretentious, funny without being silly, and insightful without being preachy. In fact it gets all that just right. I get off on things that teeter on the edge of low and high brow, this hits that sweet spot, and to me that is the sign of an expertly written Bizarro book.
The book is about a Hitman/exterminator and his brainmelting bad time–which turns out to be a great time for us. Weird medical cults, strange psychic powers, alien overlords. You got a pastiche here of books like Naked Lunch and Ubik and Grant Morrison’s the Invisibles, all stitched together with tightly threaded vernacular prose.
I’d also like to point out the art and layout. The gritty pictures, the borders, hell, the catalog in the back was even rad. My only real complaint is that I want more. I want more of this setting and this kind of madness. Which, thankfully, Kelso has provided for us in Moosejaw Frontier and A Message From the Slave State.

Ups! Sorry, Earthlings …, By Renato Bratkovič (Slovenia)

Ignius Ellis is an exterminator, dabbling in killing people as a part-time hitman to buy himself a brand new Nova Supreme. He finds himself in the company of many characters, no one of which who they seem to be. The story begins in Visitacion Valley in San Francisco, but you change places in a series of events like on a roller coaster, and you need more than a second or two to grasp, that the border between the reality as you know it and the Slave State is invisible. The main character is an exterminator and there is an entity we may be not aware of – the Slave State, but here (at least to me) the comparison to Burroughs ends. Kelso is an original writer and he has just won himself another fan!


PILLS~IN~A~LITTLE~CUP (GrayScale Version)

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'Click' to git-it.

‘Click’ to git-it.

New from MorbidbookS: Where Everything Bleeds, comes an instant collector’s specimen and a certain stunner. Be the first freak on your block to acquire this singular and unexpurgated exquisite culling of The Grim Reverend Steven Rage’s favorite ‘meds’. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind vivid look into the twisted mind of The Most Depraved Writer In Print as he captains you through the intoxicating stain of his wicked imagination. Included are numerous Photos, Paintings and Illustrations embellished with dramatic grayscale that enhance these iniquitous and magnificent Dark Fantasy fables. Beginning with a complete novella of Pontius Pilate re-incarnated as a blood drinking drug dealer in the Midwest’s most notorious ghetto. The Harbor is a similar, howbeit much darker version of Mayberry. If Andy, Barney Opie and Aunt Bea resided in a drug infested, post-industrialized urban Hell-Hole with a sky-high body count, that is. Come see and enjoy the vampire’s journey to horrific self-discovery. A evil and foreboding locale, folks are murdered there for less than nothing and, oh yeah: vampires feed there, too. A place where drugs are slung, deals go down and Pilate alone, once again, stands between the profoundly wicked machinations of the organized crime power structure and the death of a reincarnated Immanuel. Will he wash his hands in this life as he has done from the beginning and down through the ages? His drugs, his money and his very life at stake. Not to mention his soul. But life is full of tough choices. Especially if you are the modern dope-slinging version of the ancient Roman Prelate. Next comes a sick and twisted story of the Black Death. During the height of England’s Bubonic Plague an ancient Evil Force strolls into London-Town in the form of a would-be doctor. It could smell the blood from miles away, wanting only to help. At the hospital where he cares for the victims of this Black Death, the ill come to him unimpeded. They arrived and fell by the scores. With the help of his ever-faithful assistant, Sightless Agnes, a most ravenous cares for them all. Eating his way through an entire hospital, he treats them until there is nothing left. Nothing save their empty eye sockets, a few pounds of leeched bleached bones and some bolts of old dried-out flesh-leather parchment. But the eyes? The eyes of the dead? Sightless Agnes keeps for herself. Seems Fair. And then our adventures continue: Inky nefarious figments of playing God. Ride with The Reverend as you dally with malevolent spirits, pet aborted fetuses, carnal ghosts, evil grandfathers, hospital-hall hunting serial killers and , oh so much more. Finally culminating with another full novella. It is a maddening peek behind The Good Doctor’s post-apocalyptic Harbor dug deep underground, beneath the bitter frozen Earth and bear witness to a society ripping at the seams. A not-so-safe haven where monsters and demons dally with the remaining humans. One of the last makeshift asylums left on this planet. Jesus has come, gathered his favorites and loading them into the moving van bound for Forevermore, has skipped out on the rent without a word nor nary a backward glance. Leaving the world to Damnation like an absentee slum-lord while Hell itself has opened wide, belching its denizens forth. The doomed and damned can now come and go as they please. A stronghold where lifeblood is bought for a song. This incredible edition is replete with all The Ragiastic elements you have come to expect from The Grim One. Proliferate drug-consumption, non-consensual extreme intercourse and all the profane creatures that go bump in the night. Get in, grab hold and hang on. This rare sui generis tome shall delight the monstrous aberration in everyone.


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