A Magical Mystery Tour-de-Force

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Brand New for MorbidbookS’ 2nd year … Its Andrew Coulthard’s Magical Mystery Sci-Fi Tour-de-Funky: “Peach Gizzard and the Spheres of Glammeth” Available right now in both paperback and kindle editions thru amazon and elsewhere. Can you Dig That?

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When the winds blew I felt them blowing through me, when the land shook, it was my corpus that trembled. When the tides ebbed and flowed I became more shore and more sea. I was day and night as the sun and moon described the steps of their dancing within me. Just as I could see all the world at once, I was all of these things at once, and the motion of an entire world formed the foundation of my stillness. I’d travelled through the Sphere of Glammeth, descended through the Guardian, and then through the Grey-Man, fallen through a hole that pierced all the worlds. I had followed the stream to its source and become the worlds through which I’d fallen; now in completion I dwelt in gaps between overlapping pulses of time; the multitude within the one. And thus I remained for all time in stillness and motion, fullness and emptiness. Whole in content, whole in process, whole in time. Seeing all, being all, my eyes the eyes of the cosmos, in ultimate being.


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From Alex S. Johnson, the author of Bad Sunset, Wicked Candy and The Death Jazz, comes a new vision in Bizarro horror. Imagine a TROMA film on meth and acid, one part cyberpunk, one part Franz Kafka, and three parts frankly unsuitable for a sane audience. “Will make you feel as if you’ve just eaten 8 Percocets and washed ‘em down with a bottle of moonshine,” says Necro Stein of Texas Terror Entertainment.

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By R.E. Davis on August 21, 2014

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

It’s an amazingly awful (and awfully amazing) piece of bizarro terror-smut that I only recommend for my most depraved friends. It left me feeling slightly violated, and really wanting cookies. Also, having an acknowledgment in it (for assistance with “format f#%ery”) pretty much assures that I can never run for public office again. I’ve never been happier.

‘THE NIGHTMARE’, by Rebeka E. Moring

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She ran full speed now; stomping her bare feet against the cold, smooth, stone walkway with no idea where she was headed. Her breathing ached; her lungs burning as she ran for her life. Suddenly she slipped on a wet spot and land on her side. She moaned in agony. She glanced down to the huge red mark that appeared on the cap of her knee. It stung a little. But how could she feel something if this was only a dream? She gritted her teeth as she rubbed her knee, and then she heard him as he came towards her. She glanced up, waiting for the crazed stalker to come out of hiding, and spotted him lurking in the shadows instead. The only thing that she saw was his eyes and the side of his face. Scary as ever. He looked at her and grinned wickedly, the overcasting shadows of the outer corner of the stone wall, combined with the flickering light above them, created a deadly feature across the side of his face. He sees her lying helpless. He chuckled eerily, and instantly raised his hand. Her eyes widened to the sight of the gleaming sharp knife in his grasp. He even held it up for her to see it better. She stared up at him and then to the knife, panting in fear. Her heart pounded throughout her body as he chuckled once more saying deeply, “Oh excellent. I’ve found you . . .”

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Fantastic Debut Novel,August 23, 2014

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Nightmare (Paperback)
The Nightmare is an excellent story by a talented and promising young author.

Best of RAGE (2008-2014)

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“If you’ve never had a chance to read the Reverend Rage’s work before this is the perfect opportunity. This contains a lot of novella’s and they explore the dark and gritty side of human nature. The best of these are the brutal Bible tales. These are tales that take key figures of the Bible and give them a darker harder edge. These are novella’s that are for those that like their fiction dark and edgy. If you’re a fan of Rev then you know what you’re getting into and for those who don’t think of it it as a chance to explore something dark and just a bit beyond you’re comfort zone. I can’t tell you what each and every novella is about but I can tell you that the Rev takes key elements from the Bible, and even the black plague and gives them a darker and more urban edge. These are tales infested with sex and perversion but just at the surface is Rev’s knack of storytelling. What he writes about fits into the elements of the story so what may appear shocking to us is just another day in the life of these characters.

The book itself weighs in at about 365 pages and is chock full of photos and illustrations. Morbid has put a lot of work into making this as pleasing to the eyeballs as possible. It seems as if Morbid is on the verge of breaking out and Pills In A Little Cup Gray Scale is a great addition to the growing list of titles that Morbid is putting out. The Rev has been around for a long time and now with this massive collection you get a chance to see what you’ve been missing. Is Rev insane? Depraved? Disturbing? Maybe, but it’s all about perspective. Rev is a writer after all and he explores avenues that mere mortals usually don’t tread. For fans of bizarro, and horror this is a must read.


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‘My Lovely Wife’ by Dani Brown

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He had to have her the moment he saw her trachea ring. Six months later she was his lovely wife. He performed his duties as a husband and she as a wife. He tolerated a house filled with references to her late first husband and the children they had together. He put up with her prudish ways. He waited. He was patient. He planned. He was adaptable. He was rewarded over the course of a week in her basement. He turned his perverse sexual fantasies of worms and maggots and her lovely crusty trachea ring into a gruesome reality.

Available at amazon.com in Print and Kindle editions.

Available at amazon.com in Print and Kindle editions.

MorbidbookS New Shit!

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MorbidbookS shouts-out to Dani Brown (MY LOVELY WIFE) and Andrew Coulthard (PEACHY GIZZARD AND THE SPHERES OF GLAMMETH) for tearing open their collective brain-pans for our amusement! These scribes have been kind enough to let The Rev. fondle and violate their children (novellas). Coming in early August, 2014   :) Can you dig that?

peachy cover

TWENTY-ONE: A THESIS. New from MorbidbookS.

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'click' to follow Alice down the rabbit hole

‘click’ to follow Alice down the rabbit hole


~ THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE IS A MORBIDBOOKS BLUNT. YOU DIG? ~ “The Routine has this inherent tendency to perpetuate lies, and I speak only in thinly veiled euphemisms — hanging out with friends means going to the bar; being tired means too many sleepless nights on amphetamine; going grocery shopping means robbing Price Chopper blind; filling a prescription means visiting my dealer; going to the bank means pawning my possessions — but refer to them not as “lies;” rather, label them as weak ex-cuses utilized to justify my erratic behaviors. Not that the distinction between lies and excuses even matters. My locations and actions mean little to the lives that I infect, for I manipulate my stories into such bizarre versions of actuality that no one seems to question their authenticity, thereby validating my words under the general principle that facts are stranger than fiction. Besides, the language of lies often involves a certain element of truth, mere embellishments of the life that I dream to live – all-night hotel parties, never-ending supplies of coke and meth, hundreds of dollars to spend frivolously, high-class bars at expensive ski resorts, private chemists and personal chauffeurs, fame and fortune, and immunity to the consequences of my behaviors.”


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