Burn, “Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga)”, Burn!

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First, The “GOOD”:

Why so Cranky? It was a great book!,August 7, 2008

For a final book in a 4 book saga Breaking Dawn was perfect! It’s true that somewhere along the way it stopped feeling like a Twilight book but then again hadn’t the characters themselves changed so drastically?

Breaking Dawn was not a book that would continue on with Bella’s innocence and Edward‘s reluctance to make her immortal. Her choices were made in Eclipse– her days of innocence and mortality were numbered!

I’m glad Stephenie introduced the back story of the immortal children and the succubi and inccubi. It allowed me to understand the danger they would face in this book. She could’ve easily prolonged Bella’s change into 700+ pages but instead she introduced us to a new and very loveable character and allowed us to hope for future books and glimpses into the Twilight universe!

The fact that everything was tied-up in a neat bow satisfied me. Too many times I have read books that never answered some of the more important questions and left me hollow. I’m glad no main character died because that would’ve been heartwrenching. I can see a real future for all the characters, big and small.
Through it all her fans have been asking her for a great finish. They wanted so many different things that not everyone could be satisfied. Take a step back and realize that for the characters we have all come to know and love, life is good now. Be happy for that and stop complaning about the things that cannot be undone.

Now the “BAD“:

Glad I didn’t buy this book,January 25, 2010

Ms. Meyer does her readers a great injustice by starting plots that dead end to nowhere. After reading chapters of dialogue & nonsensical musings you ask yourself,”What was that all about & what does it have to do with the main story?” It seemed like she was making it up as she went along & she goes into so many various directions that nothing is accomplished. The best of the four books is TWILIGHT because it dealt centrally with the realtionship between Edward & Bella. Meyer should’ve stuck to that central idea more and left the werewolves & all these other vampires as asides. For instance,what were Bella & Edwards’s lives like in that 4 months between the birth of Renesmee & the Volturi threat? Yet Meyer introduces so many foreign characters & storylines that the reader can get easily confused & the book falls flat. For instance, the stories she develops surrounding the werewolves go nowhere. They all have senseless dialogues among themselves that seems like eavesdropping on dull conversations. Also, Meyer totally omits Bella’s mother & creates a father, Charlie, who conveniently chooses to deny his senses & accept Bella at her word. It seemed the story developed according to the convenience of the author & gave no depth or meaning to the various plots. Too many plots,too much nonsense, a lot of convenient, quick wrap-ups make this book too thinly written. Ms. Meyer should’ve stuck to developing the central plot of Edward & Bella since they are the main attraction for the readers in the first place. If it works, don’t try to fix it.

And finally the “FUGLY”:

Poorly written and vastly overestimated,August 4, 2008

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

Okay, I’m not going to lie: I am addicted to Twilight. I own actual, physical copies of the first three books and the copy of Breaking Dawn I ordered from Amazon is on the way (I read an online version). But I really cannot understand why anyone, ANYONE, can treat it seriously. The entire series is filled with convenient plot devices, shallow, one-dimensional characters, and Meyer is not a very concise writer, which means that the books are long. Really long.

I’ll admit the initial plot is engaging: deadly yet benevolent vampires, a forbidden love. All very marketable and appealing. What bothers me is the lack of skill with which the stories are executed. Meyer’s writing is not bad, it’s just amateurish. Quite honestly, I think I or any other of my friends could have written it the way she had, and I’m not even out of high school. Everything in Breaking Dawn slots neatly into place, making all the fuss that precluded it practically useless. What was the point of building all that up if it’s just going to resolve it anyway?

I hear people comparing her series to Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice, and wince. I sincerely hope that the masses don’t feel this way, or else I’ll lose faith in society’s ability to judge quality forever.


~ by MorbidbookS, Extreme Fiction Publisher. on March 15, 2012.

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