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Irvine Welsh. Date: 19th August 2004 20:43 Cam...

“Our hero, Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson, is a cross between Harvey Keitel in Bad Lieutenant and John Belushi in Animal House. His task is to nab a killer who has brained the son of the Ghanaian ambassador, but bigoted Bruce is more urgently concerned with coercing sex from teenage Ecstasy dealers, planning vice tours of Amsterdam, and mulling over his lurid love life. He’s also got a tapeworm, whose monologue is printed right down the middle of many pages. Here’s one of this unusually articulate parasite’s realizations: “My problem is that I seem to have quite a simple biological structure with no mechanism for the transference of all my grand and noble thoughts into fine deeds.”


For the tapeworm in us all, February 14, 2000
By mark bokser (Melbourne, Australia) – See all my reviewsThis review is from: Filth (Paperback)
Welshs’ Bruce Robertson has not one redeeming personal quality that is required for our co-existence as a society. After all, he is a liar, thief adulterer,racist;a drunk with a “wee” coke problem,a gay basher with no respect for his superiors and especially women in authority/general. The books Scottish dialect does take some getting used to especially its rhryming slang, but it is brutally honest as far as seeing life in the first person of a true “sociopath” whose progressive demise into the abyss is at the same time very gratifying, yet very depressing, for Bruce took “life” for granted. He was fortunate in that he had a family,friends and freedom but his insecurities and selfishness fuelled his need to destroy others, so that in effect if he couldnt enjoy life then no-one else would.He was jealous of anyone that dared to live a life that he could so have easily attained. This was a brilliant book,a laugh a minute -no even a second – but its message far exceeds this aspect and after all the schemes,backstabbing,prostitutes,drugs and ointment you could poke a stick at, this was all that this masterful storyteller was trying to say. This book could not have been called anything else and I’ll never be able to look at a pig again without thinking of Bruce. “We hate ourself for being unable to be other than what we are” Irwin Welsh – “Filth”

The BAD:

Rather Tedious and Goes Nowhere,August 13, 2010

This review is from: Filth (Paperback)

I can’t believe that I was looking forward to reading this one. I liked Trainspotting and Porno but maybe I only liked them because I liked the movie. And I did find Trainspotting a little pretentious when I read it. The anticipation made this book even worse.

Basically, it’s the story of a hard drinking, corrupt, whore mongering racist cop. And while hard drinking, whoremonger racist cops are a staple of literature, it’d be nice to do something with them that just make them unpleasant. Welsh makes the same mistake as Cracker: A New Terror in that he writes an unpleasant creep and gives the audience nothing to like – or be interested in. There’s no humor in this character. No flash of insight. There’s not even a conspirational wink. It’s just one unpleasant racist creep talking at the audience. Sometimes a parasite in his intestines starts talking and takes over the narrative, but that only underscores the fact that the main story is trite and dull.

Irvine Welsh wrote some good books but this thing is just a sad slog through piles of crap. It’s boring and trite and unpleasant. Avoid.

And The UGLY:

This book should not have been published,September 30, 1998

By A Customer
This review is from: Filth (Paperback)

Welsh and his publishers are abusing an initial literary success to lever their own financial gain without giving the reader any new understanding of the complexities of a tormented life. The final images of this book do not justify the “filth” that Welsh has collected from some very “smutty” sources and forced on the reader. This book is not modern liturature. It is only a rip off.


~ by MorbidbookS, Extreme Fiction Publisher. on April 22, 2011.

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